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Peggy Graham Taylor has been on the Council of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) since 1985 and helped raise the profile of Reflexology in her role as membership secretary, Hon. Sec and Hon Treasurer. The AOR's membership was 150 and now has over 8,000 members. She is now a Patron of the AOR. Through her parents, she knew Sydney Rose-Neil and was involved in Naturopathy and the birth of the Naturopathic Clinic at Tyringham. She practises Reflexology, runs an area group for other therapists and because there is no suitable residential premises for her patients, she is at present running an annual Naturopathic Week at Brecon in Wales. She may be contacted on Tel: 020 8445 0154; aor@ukonline.co.uk

Articles by Peggy Graham Taylor

  1. What is Naturopathy?

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    This article looks at naturopathy – a system of medicine which attempts to awaken and nurture a person potential for health rather than treat the disease or illness – ...

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