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Patrick James Moriarity worked for forty years in radio and television mostly in management in a supporting exec. or admin. capacity, the last twenty years associated with  television news.
He has suffered from ME/CFS over twenty-five years and has been interested in Feldenkrais bodywork, Bioenergetics analysis, Breath Work and meditation. He is currently interested in
Near Death Experience [ND's] and their relationship to the study of Consciousness itself - the key to understanding the universe we live in? Patrick may be contacted via patrickjm@paradise.net.nz

Articles by Patrick James Moriarity

  1. Flexxicore Challenger: Alternative Approach to Traditional Exercise for the Elderly and Recovering Patient

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    Heavily ingrained in our culture is the need to achieve results. The athlete who goes through extraordinary sacrifices, pushing the body to extreme lengths, is rightly acclaimed fo...

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