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Patricia Peat RGN Dip Pall C Dip UTR is a Cancer Nurse Specialist. She worked for 15 years in many areas with orthodox cancer treatments and specializing in symptom control. After several years' interest and research into alternative forms of dealing with the disease, she founded Cancer Options. Cancer Options is an independent, private consultancy. Individualized consultation is followed by a report with information about all the treatment options available, in this country and abroad. Discussion about cancer and the ways to deal with it is provided from the unique position of having seen both sides of the treatment spectrum. She may be contacted via Cancer Options on Tel: 0114 360 8188; https://canceroptions.co.uk/patricia-peat/

Articles by Patricia Peat

  1. Treatment Options for Cancer Patients

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    The author, a Cancer Nurse Specialist with 15 years experience, provides an overview of cancer treatment choices, both orthodox and alternative, so that cancer sufferers are more in...

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