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Noelle Hamilton is Optometry Development Manager at Optical Express. As a child, she had a squint in her eye and wore a patch to correct this, which meant spending a lot of time with optometrists. She was fascinated by the equipment used and the tests they performed and this led her to pursue a career in Optometry. She worked as an optical assistant for an independent from the age of 16 where she helped the team ordering lenses and glazing glasses. She went on to study Optometry at the University of Ulster Coleraine, graduating in 2002. When an opportunity became available with Optical Express, Noelle moved to Edinburgh in 2008 to progress in her career and learn about refractive surgery. Noelle has experienced many roles as an optometrist, including surgical post-operative check-ups and  carrying out consultations to determine patients’ suitability for laser eye surgery and lens surgery. She works closely with surgeons on treatment days, supervises optometrists and supports their professional development. Noelle enjoys Optical Express’ flexible working options which helps her maintain a great work-life balance, enabling her to be both a mum and optometrist. She may be contacted via Optical Express.

Articles by Noelle Hamilton

  1. Safeguarding Children's Eye Health

    Listed in vision and eye sight

    Analysis of data by Optical Express shows six is the mean age for diagnosing conditions like lazy eye and colour deficiency in children, but it is essential that parents start to ge...

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