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  1. 5 Tips to Prevent Cataracts and Macular Degeneration

    by Hayley Irvin

    As we get older, our bodies start to break down due to the natural wear and tear of living an active life. Though signs of ageing first manifest in our skin, hair, knees, and joints...

  2. Cataracts - When a ‘Miracle’ of Modern Surgery wasn’t Needed

    by Bai Nei Zhang

    When it comes to medical treatment, we generally regard surgery as a ‘last resort’. So when it comes to cataracts, why should it be the ‘first and only resort’? Most people think ...

  3. Eye Health a Guide to Iridology

    by Jane Kelly

    As most of us know instinctively, the eyes are a great indicator of overall health. Whether they’re jaundiced, bulging or blood shot, when something’s not right, it shows in our eye...

  4. Eye Health and Technology

    by Mr Robert Morris

    In an increasingly technological world, a spectrum of devices are creating a level of demand on our eyes both at home and at work beyond anything previously experienced. We have g...

  5. Five Ways to Care for your Eyes

    by Francesca Marchetti

    A shocking new study[1] by Rohto Dry Aid – the eight in one clinically proven Dry Eye treatment solution – has given an insight into the nation’s eye health, discovering that 1 in 2...

  6. Iridology

    by Sheelagh Colton

    Iridology can help you understand what 'optimum health' means for an individual person. The iris (the coloured part of the eye) displays a unique insight into our health potential ...

  7. Iridology and the Use of Tissue Salts

    by John Pearson

    Have you ever wondered why people have different coloured eyes? No doubt there is some evolutionary theory that could explain this, but to practitioners of iridology it is of great...

  8. Magnifying On The Question Of Reading Glasses

    by Martin A Sussman

    Presbyopia generally starts to become evident in the early 40s and forces millions of people to start wearing reading glasses. Of UK's 60 million people, 23 million fall between th...

  9. Natural Vision Improvement for Children and Adults

    by Meir Schneider and Melissa Moody

    Meir Schneider PhD first explains that he was born blind from congenital cataracts, nystagmus, glaucoma and small corneas, and suffered further injuries to his ocular lenses from u...

  10. Pictures Show How Colour Blind People See the World

    by Lenstore

    Colour blindness affects approximately 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women across the world. This means that there are almost 3 million citizens who are colour blind in the UK. In colla...

  11. Safeguarding Children's Eye Health

    by Noelle Hamilton

    Analysis of data by Optical Express shows six is the mean age for diagnosing conditions like lazy eye and colour deficiency in children, but it is essential that parents start to ge...

  12. Seeing With Your Whole Being

    by Jacob Liberman

    Dr Liberman begins by telling us that despite our beliefs that vision problems are irreversible, his clinical experience have shown that eyesight improvement is within the reach of...

  13. The Adaptive Eye

    by Peter Duthie

    The human eye is believed to have evolved out on the plains of Africa, with distant horizons, bright natural light giving a small pupil size (and without paperwork), it could keep ...

  14. The Read Without Glasses Method

    by Dr Ray Gottlieb

    According to the author, the unavoidable loss of near focus from the age of 40+ is not a fact but an unchallenged assumption as there is no scientific basis to this. He adds that i...

  15. Vision as a Metaphor - the Relationship Between Eyesight and Consciousness

    by Martin Brofman

    The author believes that eyesight affects and is affected by emotional and mental states of Being linked to personality. Each vision impairment correlates with a specific personali...

  16. What is the Link between Healthy Fats and Better Eye Health?

    by Aaron Barriga

    In the pursuit of better health, most people try to cut out fatty foods from their diets, which is a good move. However, it’s important to remember that not all fats are bad for us...

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