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Eye Health a Guide to Iridology

by Jane Kelly(more info)

listed in vision and eye sight, originally published in issue 239 - July 2017

As most of us know instinctively, the eyes are a great indicator of overall health. Whether they’re jaundiced, bulging or blood shot, when something’s not right, it shows in our eyes. So much so that since the late 1600s, we have been looking at the eyes to determine what’s going on in the body – an alternative medicine technique known as Iridology. We take a closer look at the practice that allows us to determine the body’s strengths and weakness through the eyes.

However, at the same time, many people don’t fully understand the practice of iridology.

According to Dr David J Pesek of the International Institute of Iridology and an iridologist:

“It is very important to point out that Western medical establishment does not fully understand how iris analysis is properly used. Therefore, they subject this 3,000 year old practice to the scrutiny of a paradigm that is focused on disease conditions and attempts to suppress symptoms through the use of pharmaceutical drugs, invasive surgeries and nuclear radiation.

“Iridology belongs in the paradigm of naturopathic and preventive healthcare. Contrary to diagnosing, when practiced properly, it is an effective tool of assessment for predispositions and conditions and a person’s overall level of health.”

According to The International Iridology Practitioners Association: 

“Iridology is both an art and a science, and while it is factual, it is also subjective.

“Your iris is the reflection of the physical, mental and emotional issues of the three generations before you. Whether you develop the potentials in your eye to the best case scenario or the worst case scenario, it is influenced by your diet and lifestyle. It’s what you do with what you get that counts.”

Optilase Eye Clinic have produced the Infographic What Your Eyes Can Tell About Your Health: A Guide to Iridology. It’s an educational piece which aims to explain how iridology works and the benefits of this particular medical practice.


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Jane Kelly is Digital Campaign Manager for Optilase Eye Clinic. A communications graduate with a flair for all things digital, Jane has been a part of the Optilase team for 2 years now as digital campaign manager, building and maintaining our online presence. Her focus is providing new and potential clients with all the information they require when embarking on the road to vision correction through laser eye surgery. Her passion is providing this information through engaging, creative, easy to follow content with a few quirky pieces thrown in for good measure. You can view her recent posts at

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