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Nicola Wicksteed is in her early 50s, has one grown-up son, and is a part-time carer to her young nephew who has Aspergers syndrome. She also writes songs, lyrics and children’s verses.  Nicola’s verses appear in The Singing Year, a book for young children (RRP £16.99 including a CD) beautifully illustrated by Candy Verney, published by Hawthorn Press in Autumn 2006. Nicola may be contacted via Park Attwood Clinic on Tel: 01299 861444; Fax: 01299 861375; info@parkattwood.org; www.parkattwood.org

Articles by Nicola Wicksteed

  1. Remission from Breast Cancer: Diet, Mistletoe, Carctol and Park Attwood

    Listed in case studies

    In this column the author shares her experience with Breast Cancer and treatment with mistletoe therapy at the Park Atwood Clinic.

Book reviews by Nicola Wicksteed

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