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Nicholas Calvino DC is a practising clinician, nutritional consultant and author and lecturer on the subject of health and nutrition. He is currently the president of Natural Health Partners, LLC, a practice 'enhancement' company focusing on assisting doctors in marketing and managing secondary profit centres. He can be contacted at PO Box 160, North Street, MI 48049; Tel: 810-385-6737; drcalvino@msn.com

Articles by Nicholas Calvino DC

  1. Integrative Medicine for Colon Cancer - Part 1

    Listed in cancer

    In the first of this three-part feature, Nicholas Calvino looks at conventional treatments for cancer, particularly colon cancer, and questions whether such treatments are as succes...

  2. Integrative Medicine for Colon Cancer - Part II

    Listed in cancer

    In 1902, John Beard (an embryologist at a Scottish medical school) wrote several texts and published many papers. His premise was that cancer cells are much like the trophoblasts of...

  3. Integrative Medicine for Colon Cancer Part III: Nutrients and Anti-Oxidants

    Listed in cancer

    In the third part of Dr Calvino ground-breaking series about treatments for Colon Cancer, the author discusses the use of anti-oxidants and nutrition in cancer therapy. Research has...

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