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Milena Dowlaszewicz - Certified Gym Instructor, Stretching, Isomeric, Core and Circuit Training Instructor, Fitness and Nutrition Advisor, Child Nutrition Advisor. Works with people to educate them on health and wellbeing through diet, nutrition and fitness. Milena is a passionate advocate of healthy lifestyles for all. She understands that mass produced diet regimes and fitness programs often don't work for a lot of people. Milena realizes everyone is unique and she makes it her goal with those under her care to constantly tailor their nutritional and fitness programs to the individual involved. Contact Milena on Tel: 00353894616073; milenuchaa86@gmail.com

Articles by Milena Dowlaszewicz

  1. What is Healthy Living about these Days..?

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    New remarkable diet can change your life! No need for pain and exercise! New amazing fruit that will burn all the unwanted fat and magically turn you into beautiful and successful w...

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