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Michal Szlas, Founder and CEO, OTTY Sleep, young entrepreneur with an all-round active and healthy lifestyle, learned to appreciate the importance of a good night’s sleep and the positive effect it can have on both energy levels and productivity. Through personal experience of working long hours at the office and then spending free time training in a variety of sports and martial arts, he soon found out that a restful night’s sleep and having good eating habits are the two best ways of keeping energized and motivated towards your goals.

And after looking into the current mattress and sleep industry, Michal quickly realized that it is full of false advertising, confusing products, high prices and more importantly, difficult and high-risk ordering processes, and he decided that a change needed to happen. This led him to his next business challenge - revolutionizing the mattress industry with a perfect mattress at the right price. Michal Szlas launched bed-in-a-box company OTTY last year. Despite its infancy, the company has already enjoyed a number of accolades – such as receiving a Which? Best Buy award this January. Michal may be contacted via his website https://otty.com

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  1. How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

    Listed in sleep and insomnia

    The Dalai Lama once said, “sleep is the best meditation”, and with proven benefits on both physical and mental wellbeing, the importance of a solid night’s rest really is incomparab...

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