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Michael Vakil Kenton is a commentator on interfaith, global peace and harmony. He co-founded the charity Abrahamic Reunion England to create harmony between religious communities, created Peace Gifts Shop to raise funds for the charity and Established Sacred Music Radio as a source of peace through music. Michael may be contacted via peace@abrahamicreunion.co.uk   https://peacegifts.shophttp://sacredmusicradio.org

Articles by Michael Vakil Kenton

  1. Understanding the Music you Listen to can Enhance your Meditation

    Listed in meditation

    Listening to music while practising yoga is more of a controversial idea than you might expect. For some people, it just seems to work; for others, it’s a distraction. What’s most i...

  2. Achieving Inner Harmony is Important for Health

    Listed in psychospiritual

    Alternative/complementary medicine and orthodox medicine disagree on many issues. However, the issue they certainly agree on is that inner harmony is essential for our health.

Book reviews by Michael Vakil Kenton

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