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Mel Campbell is a yoga teacher, healer, therapist and freelance writer. She is also a mother to three daughters. A dedicated practitioner, she is a certified 500hrs RYT yoga instructor, teaching yoga to adults, mothers-to-be, birthing partners, children and children with special needs. Mel was first introduced to the profound benefits of prenatal yoga when she was pregnant with her first child over thirteen years ago. Over the years through her practice of yoga Mel had learnt to trust her body, listen to her instincts and use her breath to relax, surrender and be present. Gifts she says she took with her into the labour and births of her children

Inspired to her first book The Yoga of Pregnancy whilst pregnant with her third baby, Mel began to include her growing baby in her practice of yoga and meditation; it was here she experienced the essence of her prenatal Yoga.  The Yoga of Pregnancy unites her two deepest passions; motherhood and yoga. Mel has travelled the world and pioneered prenatal yoga to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Mel currently resides in East Sussex teaching yoga, pre-natal classes, workshops, retreats and working with children with special needs and may be contacted via yogawithmel.campbell@gmail.com  For more information about Mel visit  www.yogawithmelcampbell.com 

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  1. Yoga for Pregnancy Care of Back and Pelvis

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    My belly is like a balloon, bursting to pop, there doesn’t seem to be any more room left, I am eight months pregnant, my baby isn’t due for another month. Each time I climb a stair,...

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