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Mary Toscano is a dedicated wife, a busy mom of two toddlers, an animal shelter volunteer, a health freak runner, and a passionate health and wellness blogger. All of these are her many jobs besides her day job. She aspires to having her own YouTube channel one day about healthy living and clean eating. Spending a major part of her day writing about health and wellness at www.probioticshub.com  she educates readers about probiotics. Her goal in life is to inspire and encourage people to take care of their bodies and health. Mary's message to the world is, “Where there is health, there will be joy, wisdom and wealth!” Mary may be contacted on mary@probioticshub.com    www.probioticshub.com/


Articles by Mary Toscano

  1. 6 Surprising Benefits of Probiotics for a Healthy Heart

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    The way to your heart is through your stomach. And now, even cardiologists agree! Bacteria is vital for heart health, because your gut flora works on the food you eat. The compatibi...

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