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Martin Brofman, PhD, is the founder and Director of the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing - www.healer.ch. He is the architect of the Body Mirror System of Healing, which he developed from his research and personal experience of healing himself of terminal cancer in 1976, and from what he learned about the body/mind interface during that process. He has been teaching these techniques worldwide since that time, along with other instructors he has trained. He can be reached at healer@healer.ch

Articles by Martin Brofman

  1. Survival and Transformation from Terminal Cancer

    Listed in mind matters

    The author takes us on his remarkable journey of self-discovery that led to a total transformation of his whole Being and complete healing following a diagnosis of terminal cancer o...

  2. Vision as a Metaphor - the Relationship Between Eyesight and Consciousness

    Listed in vision and eye sight

    The author believes that eyesight affects and is affected by emotional and mental states of Being linked to personality. Each vision impairment correlates with a specific personalit...

Book reviews by Martin Brofman

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