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Martin A Sussman is President, Cambridge Institute for Better Vision, Topsfield, Massachusetts, USA which he founded in 1976 to bring people natural approaches to vision care. He worked to transform Dr. Gottlieb's basic exercises into The Read Without Glasses Method. Mr. Sussman is also author of The Program for Better Vision, co-author of the 1993 Station Hill book, Total Health at the Computer (with Dr Ernest Loewenstein), and audio author of Your First Step to Better Vision and the Advanced Better Vision Tape Set. Martin may be contacted via marty@bettervision.com

Articles by Martin A Sussman

  1. Magnifying On The Question Of Reading Glasses

    Listed in vision and eye sight

    Presbyopia generally starts to become evident in the early 40s and forces millions of people to start wearing reading glasses. Of UKs 60 million people, 23 million fall between the ...

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