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Marjorie Brook LMT CIMI is a International Instructor/Therapist. She is the creator of the STRAIT Method (formally  FAST Release Method), a specialized therapy for fascial scars and adhesions.   She teaches throughout the USA, Canada and Europe. Marjorie offers continuing education courses in Scar Tissue Release, Stretching and Strengthening, and Body Mechanics through her company at www.marjoriebrookseminars.com and www.marjoriebrook.com   Marjorie may be contacted on Tel: +1 516-409-1240;    marjorie@marjoriebrook.com

Articles by Marjorie Brook

  1. The Importance of Scar Tissue Release Therapy

    Listed in bodywork

    The author points out that the physical and mental effect of scarring are generally overlooked by health professionals. She describes the structure and functioning of scars and adhe...

  2. Active Isolated Stretching: Empowerment through Flexibility

    Listed in bodywork

    AIS is a scientifically designed flexibility system that works with the body to create and maintain balance. With AIS, you isolate each muscle and perform a series of stretches that...

  3. Castaways - Complications of No Therapy Following Cast Removal

    Listed in bodywork

    The needs of children are completely overlooked when it comes to injury rehabilitation and the ability to cope with the physical stress of daily life.

  4. Body Un-Awareness

    Listed in bodywork

    As a race we are excellent at compensating. From surviving in harsh environments, overcoming illness and disease to dealing with daily stresses. We learn to adapt and adjust in orde...

  5. All Parts are Equal, or are They??

    Listed in bodywork

    When a person has back surgery or has had a limb amputated, it is standard for them to go through a rehabilitation process, including physical therapy or massage therapy to be presc...

  6. When in Doubt Ask!

    Listed in bodywork

    Asking questions, for some reason, is very difficult for most people. The problem is we either feel we do not have the right to question, after all we do not want to insult the pers...

  7. Professional Acronyms Alphabet Soup

    Listed in bodywork

    ...he came in for a session and while discussing the course material he thanked me for taking the time during the class to continually explain the multitude of acronyms...A few thou...

  8. Mandatory Gratuities - Oxymoron

    Listed in clinical practice

    I was settling up with a new client when she asked "And what is the recommended gratuity?" I explained that "while I appreciate the thought it was not necessary". She was very surp...

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