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Marcus Weston first heard about Kabbalah whilst travelling in the Middle East. Upon his returning home, he researched the topic and began to attend classes at the Kabbalah Centre. Marcus put the practical teachings of Kabbalah into action through his newly opened headhunting and consulting firm. As his business grew, so too did his desire to learn more about Kabbalah. In time, Marcus sold his business and committed himself to teaching Kabbalah full-time. From 2002, Marcus taught Kabbalah for three years in Los Angeles. He returned to the London Kabbalah Centre to spearhead several important social enterprise projects, supporting individuals, families, communities and global issues across Europe, Africa and Asia. He may be contacted via marcus.weston@kabbalah.com

Articles by Marcus Weston

  1. Meditation and Stress Coping using Kabbalistic Techniques and Techniques for Releasing Anxiety

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    This article focuses on the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and how it can be applied in our lives to help us cope with various situations such as stress.

Book reviews by Marcus Weston

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