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Manuela Malaguti Boyle ND BA BHSc(Comp Med) Grad Dip Nut Adv Dip Nat GCRN BNA (UK) ATMS NHAA (Australia) IFM (US) is a Naturopathic Physician and Clinical Nutritionist, trained in Australia and United Kingdom. Her area of expertise is nutritional therapy as a viable treatment for mental illness. She continuously researches how nutrition impacts the nervous system function and brain cognition. Manuela firmly believes that 'junk food gives rise to junk thoughts' and she seeks to help patients improve their state of mind and coping abilities. Nutritional interventions safely complement standard drug treatments. Manuela's articles have appeared in several publications both in United Kingdom and Australia. She is currently consulting at the Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Centre, 19 Tanglin Road Singapore. Manuela may be contacted via  manuela.boyle@sky.com  www.manuelamalagutinaturopath.com

Articles by Manuela Malaguti Boyle

  1. Case Study: Bach Flower Remedies for Pain Relief

    Listed in flower essences

    In this Case Study, the author discusses the findings of the possible therapeutic and psychological value of Bach Flower Remedies in pain relief as conducted at the Bach Centre in t...

  2. Inflammatory Process in Alzheimer's Disease

    Listed in alzheimer's and dementia

    The author a Naturopath, describes Alzheimer's disease (AD) as a progressive degenerative disorder characterized by memory loss, intellectual decline and definitive cognitive impair...

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