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  1. Alzheimer's Disease - Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Treatment

    by Dr Smita Pandey Bhat PhD

    This article, as the title suggests, is a detailed and very well referenced account of Alzheimer's Disease. It begins by describing the three stages, each of which can last a varyin...

  2. Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Aromatherapy

    by Brendon Cousland

    Cupcake Day aims to raise valuable ‘dough’ for the Alzheimer’s Society to fund their expert research and life-changing care and support services for those affected by dementia.

  3. Anxiety and Agitation - Early Detectors of Alzheimer's

    by Holly Klamer

    Alzheimer's patients are very sensitive to their environment. They can get upset very easily. Besides other challenges of handling an Alzheimer's patient, handling their agitation ...

  4. Case Study: Family Experience of Living with Alzheimer's Disease

    by Sheri Williams

    This article describes Alzheimer's Disease and the statistics concerning this illness - there are currently 800,000 people living with dementia, and this figure is on the rise.

  5. Dealing With Dementia

    by Encore Care Homes

    Dementia affects around 45 million people across the globe - approximately 850,000 of which are in the UK. It’s one of the biggest causes of death, along with cancer, and with it be...

  6. Dementia - The Global Pandemic

    by David Mullane

    Dementia - The Global Pandemic

  7. Grandad's Silent Ordeal with Alzheimer's

    by J Robert Hager II

    The author looks beyond his grandfather as a man who suffers from Alzheimer's and instead focuses on the man as he was before the condition struck.

  8. How to Help People With Dementia

    by Luca Rado

    If a loved one is suffering from Dementia, it can be difficult to manage emotionally for you and the person affected. There are plenty of ways that you can not only help your loved ...

  9. Inflammatory Process in Alzheimer's Disease

    by Manuela Malaguti Boyle

    The author a Naturopath, describes Alzheimer's disease (AD) as a progressive degenerative disorder characterized by memory loss, intellectual decline and definitive cognitive impair...

  10. Is It Possible to Avoid Developing Dementia

    by Mary Jordan

    The word dementia describes a cluster of symptoms that are caused by a number of different conditions. People outside the health profession often incorrectly use the terms Alzheimer...

  11. The Fundamental Role of Autonomic Dysfunction and Lactic Acidosis in Alzheimer’s Disease

    by Carlos ETB Monteiro

    This article discusses recent findings that amyloid-beta peptide is a consequence of acidosis, rather than the initial cause of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

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