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Lynne Robinson was at the forefront of creating the boom in Pilates in the UK and her name and image have become synonymous with Pilates. Her books and videos being sold in over thirty countries and has contributed to, and featured in, many articles in national and specialist press, radio and television. Her first introduction to Pilates came in 1992 whilst living in Sydney, Australia, after being recommended to take up classes as a solution to the severe back problems that Lynne had experienced for many years. Lynne was a student with Penny Latey in Sydney, and then completed her formal Pilates training after returning to London. She co-founded in 1996 Body Control Pilates in Sevenoaks, Kent where she works closely with osteopaths, physiotherapists and sports injury clinics. She is a Director of the BCP Teacher Training Programme. Lynne has specialized in developing programmes for people with chronic back problems and stress-related conditions, and in compiling mat-based programmes to enable Pilates to be taught outside of the studio environment. Lynne holds an Honours degree and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education and is the author of Pilates for Weightloss and founder of Body Control Pilates. Lynne may be contacted on Tel: 0207 636 8900; info@bodycontrol.co.uk  www.bodycontrolpilates.com To find a teacher near you visit www.bodycontrolpilates.com.

Articles by Lynne Robinson

  1. How Pilates Helps to Boost Immunity and Wellbeing

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    Famous for improving posture, joint mobility and core stability, can we can add to the list of benefits better health and immunity? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. In addition to ...

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