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Lorraine Kemble was born in London and attended Hasmonean High School. She then trained as a teacher at the Montessori College in Lyndhurst Gardens, London NW3. At the age of 22 she was diagnosed with a large benign tumour. Many years of operations and rigorous therapies to rehabilitate followed...

Prompted by her own struggle and the many obstacles and difficulties she has overcome, Lorraine began to share her thoughts, insights and accumulated knowledge which eventually led to the creation of a website - People with Potential. She sincerely hopes that this will be a source of support, inspiration and encouragement to people with all kinds of disabilities – both physical and emotional. The website contains articles on the role and effectiveness of a wide variety of alternative therapies, as well as news of current medical research which is, obviously continually being updated.

A Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Counsellor and poet, Lorraine currently lives in Belsize Park, North London and may be contacted via lorraine@peoplewithpotential.org     www.peoplewithpotential.org   

Articles by Lorraine Kemble

  1. Living with Adversity of Surviving Benign Brain Tumour

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    I was born a healthy baby but at 8 months old I was ill for a few weeks with flu-like symptoms. Soon afterwards, while I was attempting to crawl and then walk, it was noticed that I...

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