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Lindsay Woodman BA Hons LLSA MIFA Reiki Master is a Holistic Aromatherapist having gained her Diploma, with honours, in 1996, and a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists. She runs her own practice in North Wales and is a Reiki Master, which she incorporates into her aromatherapy. Lindsay is Founder and Principal of the Welsh School of Aromatherapy, which runs courses up to and beyond professional level, including Holistic Aromatherapy Diploma, Aromatouch course for carers, Reiki Attunements and correspondence courses. Lindsay may be contacted on Tel. 01766 890 500;   info@aromatherapywales.org   www.aromatherapywales.org

Articles by Lindsay Woodman

  1. Case Study - Remarkable Aromatherapy

    Listed in aromatherapy

    In this column the author presents a case study on the use and remedial benefits of aromatherapy on a 50 year-old male client suffering muscle tone weakness, loss of movement and se...

  2. Wise Women Change and Heal

    Listed in aromatherapy

    This article sets out the case for a return to the ancient tradition of wise women healers. She reminds us that - as far back as the 1600s, elite, university-trained doctors sought...

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