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Lila Kirkland ND ANP ART Reg first qualified as a Naturopath at the Faculté Libres de Médecines Naturelles in Paris in 1995. She continued to study Naturopathy in Germany, acquiring the Heil Praktiker Diploma (European Naturopathy Diploma). She was subsequently invited to join the ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners) by its director Hermann Kepler. Lila went on to further extend her knowledge of Aromatherapy and Reflexology in Toronto, Canada, to qualify in Raindrop Therapy and the intricate science of Aromacology with Dr Gary Young ND, renowned worldwide for producing essential oils of the highest quality. Lila then qualified in, and became a member of, ART (Advanced Reflexology Techniques), trained by its founder Anthony Porter. Working mainly as a Naturopath and Reflexologist for the past ten years, she obtained a reputation for achieving results with patients where GPs had sometimes given up, and for helping women and men with fertility and gynaecological issues. For information and appointments, Lila may be contacted via Tel: 07876 748 341; lila@twickenhamnaturalhealth.co.uk; www.twickenhamnaturalhealth.co.uk

Articles by Lila Kirkland ND

  1. Case Study Issue 128: Detoxification via Aqua Detox and Reflexology

    Listed in detoxification

    This column looks at a specific case study – a thirtysomething who received reflexology treatments to help her (successfully) get pregnant, despite being diagnosed with polyc...

  2. Nutrition and Fertility

    Listed in fertility

    This article provides detailed information about appropriate nutrition for maximising fertility, for both women and men.

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