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Case Study Issue 128: Detoxification via Aqua Detox and Reflexology

by Lila Kirkland ND(more info)

listed in detoxification, originally published in issue 128 - October 2006

Emma, age 38 from London, first came to see me in October 2003 for reflexology treatments. Her aim was to get pregnant. In 2000 she was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and extensive endometriosis to the uterus and both the ovaries. She also had been previously diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease; an under-active thyroid condition causing hair loss, weight gain, water retention sensitivity to cold, period pains and PMT.

For three years since her diagnosis, she had undergone three laparoscopic surgeries in attempts to remove the endometrial tissue, and laser treatment to remove a number of cysts on the ovaries. Emma was informed that one of her fallopian tubes was completely blocked, and although her surgeon was still hopeful that Emma could become pregnant, her chances were slim. One doctor even told her it was virtually impossible. She knew it wasn't going to be easy, but time was running out and she and her husband desperately wanted a family.

Emma had read about ART (Advanced Reflexology Techniques) in a magazine and was put in touch with me through the ART website. ART Reflexology is renowned for being very effective in the treatment of various hormonal conditions. Some of the ART techniques have been specifically developed to treat hormonal and gynaecological problems.

Advanced Reflexology Techniques are the result of many years of clinical experience and development that have shown proven clinical results, so much so, that medical consultants often refer patients for a course of treatment. The techniques enable the therapist to treat all types of feet in the most efficient and effective way, making the treatment far more therapeutic for the patient.

Advanced Reflexology Techniques are far more positive because of the type of stimulus used, that is, the pressure is deeper without going beyond the patient's tolerance. A special treatment sequence is used which forms a very important part of the Advanced Reflexology Techniques approach. Also, the more orthodox 'walking' techniques are not the mainstay of the Advanced Reflexology Techniques, although they can be used in conjunction with them. Other areas of the hands, fingers and thumbs are used by the ART Therapist in an entirely different way, which makes the treatment far more flowing and dynamic.

Emma came to see me once a week for ART Reflexology. It was not the relaxing foot massage that she had envisaged - in fact it was quite painful, as we worked on unblocking the energy flows to various parts of her body, and not just the reproductive organs.

Alongside Reflexology, Emma had a series of Aqua Detox treatments. Aqua Detox is a revolutionary system which uses Bio-Energetic Resonance to re-balance the body's natural energy fields, which in turn encourages the excretion of toxins out of the body via the feet.

It serves to kick start our own excretory organs, like the kidneys, bladder and liver, to detoxify naturally. You simply sit and relax with your feet immersed in the warm water of the Aqua Detox unit. A little salt is added to the water to help conduct the electricity from the Aqua Detox Array. The array is made up of two metal coils which is submerged in the water. This transmits a very low electrical current switching from positive to negative every minute. This is an ionization process, because the water is the medium used for this treatment, which means the compounds and chemicals in the water also become ionized. This brings about an alkaline state within the body. After half an hour the water turns a black/brown colour. The colour varies from person to person and is mixture of the various toxins excreted into the water as well as the ionization process. I have had many reports of various benefits that people have felt after Aqua Detox treatments. These benefits can become apparent straight away, while others experience a more delayed effect. Some report a feeling of increased energy, lightness and a general sense of well-being, while others experience improved sleep patterns.

I also gave Emma's husband Reflexology treatments which also helped to increase his sperm count and motility.

Diet is also very important in helping the body back to health, so naturally I put Emma on a cleansing diet and supplement programme. After carrying out a full Nutritional Consultation and a Hair Mineral Analysis, Emma could see how her eating habits were not only reducing her chances of conceiving but also causing fatigue, headaches, constipation, sugar cravings, low energy, and much more. By sticking to her individualized diet and supplement programme, she felt better within two weeks.

After eight months of regular weekly Reflexology, plus some Aqua Detox treatments, supplements and a healthy lifestyle, Emma finally conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in March last year.

Then this year, Emma and her husband wanted a second baby, so she came back to see me for more Reflexology and Aqua Detox and, only three months on, she is pregnant again. Their new baby is due in January 2007.

"The proof for me was when I wanted to get pregnant again. I went to see another Reflexologist closer to home, but sadly there was no comparison. It became clear that if I wanted to be successful again I would have to make the extra journey to see Lila. With her treatments you can really feel the blockages being released, which can be quite painful at times. I am convinced that the ART Reflexology that Lila did has greatly increased my chances of conceiving," said Emma.

This is a great and easy way to detoxify and re-balance the whole body.

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About Lila Kirkland ND

Lila Kirkland ND ANP ART Reg first qualified as a Naturopath at the Faculté Libres de Médecines Naturelles in Paris in 1995. She continued to study Naturopathy in Germany, acquiring the Heil Praktiker Diploma (European Naturopathy Diploma). She was subsequently invited to join the ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners) by its director Hermann Kepler. Lila went on to further extend her knowledge of Aromatherapy and Reflexology in Toronto, Canada, to qualify in Raindrop Therapy and the intricate science of Aromacology with Dr Gary Young ND, renowned worldwide for producing essential oils of the highest quality. Lila then qualified in, and became a member of, ART (Advanced Reflexology Techniques), trained by its founder Anthony Porter. Working mainly as a Naturopath and Reflexologist for the past ten years, she obtained a reputation for achieving results with patients where GPs had sometimes given up, and for helping women and men with fertility and gynaecological issues. For information and appointments, Lila may be contacted via Tel: 07876 748 341;;

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