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Lee-Anne Brandt is a crystal healer in that she not only facilitates healing through crystals, but she heals the crystals!!  This occurs naturally through interaction with the crystals. Lee-Anne is a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and a clairsentient empath, registered with the Metaphysical Association of South Africa. She has developed an exciting method of combining both Reiki and crystals into a unique healing modality. Lee-Anne was chosen by her first crystal at aged 8, at around which time she discovered her healing abilities. From early childhood Lee-Anne has been in regular contact with other-worldly beings. The next few years were spent in denial before a cosmic awakening in 2009 shifted her spirituality and allowed her to realize her origins and purpose. Lee-Anne runs crystal workshops for newbies to the sparkly path, as well as a Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Levels 1 to Advanced workshops. Lee-Anne has been an integral part of the development of the Crystal Reflexology course offered by the Sunshine International Academy of Metaphysics. When she is not waving her wands around or working with her stones, she spends time with her family in Cape Town, South Africa.  Lee-Anne serves as a Director for the Church of Universal Awakening, Inc. (USA) and may be contacted via admin@sunshineuni.com   www.sunshineuni.com

Articles by Lee-Anne Brandt

  1. 16 Chakra System - Part 1

    Listed in crystal healing

    Besides our physical body, we have a body of subtle energy. This is made up of ‘nadis’ (meridians) through which flows prana, or life-force. The most important of the nadis is the s...

  2. 16 Chakra System Part II

    Listed in crystal healing

    In this part 2 of the Chakra articles, we will discuss the Sacral Chakra in some detail, as with the 7 chakra spectrum. This chakra is located just below the navel. The colour assoc...

  3. 16 Chakra System Part III

    Listed in crystal healing

    In this part 3 of the Chakra articles, we look at the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is located below the heart, where your ribs join. The colour association is yellow and the sac...

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