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Kolinka Zinovieff qualified as an aromatherapist at the Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy and studied a postgraduate course in 'Molecular activity and the therapeutics of organic essential oils', based on the work of Pierre Franchomme, at the Institut des Sciences Phytomédicales (Body Treats). He also trained as a craniosacral therapist with the Cranial Osteopathic Association (CrOA) and the Upledger Institute. He set up a company called NHR Organic Oils, the main purpose of which is to sell pure, high quality, organic essential oils at affordable prices and may be contacted on Tel: 0845 310 8066; info@nhrorganicoils.com   www.nhrorganicoils.com

Articles by Kolinka Zinovieff

  1. Cooking with Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils

    Listed in aromatherapy

    Although the use of essential oils in massage, steam inhalations, baths and beauty products is not new, the authors have taken the concept one step further by exploring the use of o...

  2. The Need for Quality in Essential Oils

    Listed in aromatherapy

    Sadly, most aromatherapy essential oils on the market are of low quality: they are often synthetic or perfume grade. This means they have little or no therapeutic effect – in...

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