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Kirsten Hartvig ND MNIMH DipPhyt is a Medical Herbalist and Registered Naturopath. She is Director of the Healing Garden and the Rachel Carson Centre at Emerson College UK in Sussex, comprising a complementary medicine library and a medicinal herb garden. You may contact Kirsten for private consultations, to join one of the monthly herb walks, sign up for workshops, or if you would like to visit the gardens:  The Healing Garden, Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX; Tel: 07477 220707; info@thehealinggarden.uk   https://www.thehealinggarden.uk/. If you want to support the Healing Garden, please visit Patreon: www.patreon.com/healinggardenuk You can find out more about the Heartwood professional and foundation courses in Herbal Medicine on heartwood-uk.net   Instagram @heartwoodbotanic  Watch Herb Hunters on YouTube;  Listen to the Herbal Medicine Show on UKHealthRadio. Watch Herb Hunters on YouTube. Kirsten may be contacted on Tel: 07477 220707;  info@thehealinggarden.uk   https://www.thehealinggarden.uk/

Articles by Kirsten Hartvig

  1. Healing Spices

    Listed in herbal medicine

    In a world that is awash with taste-alike processed foods and synthetic flavourings, the many reasons for using real spices have all but disappeared, together with the cultures for ...

  2. The Biodynamic Botanic Garden at Emerson College

    Listed in herbal medicine

    He had a huge influence on writing style for over a thousand years, and it is known that he spent many happy hours in libraries; but how he knew about the joys of gardening, I have ...

  3. Biodynamic Herbs for Health

    Listed in herbal medicine

    Modern medical herbalists use gentle herbal medicines with positive effects and few side effects. They either make their own preparations or use trade suppliers with established rep...

  4. Eat for Immunity

    Listed in herbal medicine

    What strange times we are living in. 2020 has certainly been eventful and lifechanging for many people the world over. Self-isolation is a new word in my vocabulary, as is social di...

  5. Using Herbal Medicine

    Listed in herbal medicine

    The long history of traditional use of herbal medicines to safely treat common family illness needs to be more widely recognized and understood.

  6. Flower Power

    Listed in herbal medicine

    We are in the middle of the flower season, as I am sure you will have noticed. In the old herbal traditions, as in many other healing arts, flowers are linked to the element of air ...

  7. The Healing Garden: Berry Season

    Listed in herbal medicine

    When you start looking, you will realize that berries are everywhere and that the berry season lasts all year!

  8. Stress and What to Do About It

    Listed in stress

    Stress is a response experienced when a threat is encountered. A stressor is a stimulus that causes stress. Sudden and severe stress generally produces an increased heart rate, incr...

  9. A Time For Healing

    Listed in naturopathy

    We live today in a world of extremes, a world in which many of us struggle to maintain health and peace of mind. The pressures of 21st Century life encourages us to act in ways tha...

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