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Kevin Leivers MRPharmS is a registered Pharmacist, Founder and Managing Director of The Naked Pharmacy with extensive knowledge and experience of both conventional and natural medicines. His primary focus with The Naked Pharmacy is to develop unique and effective Nutraceuticals (foods as medicines) - natural products supported by expert information and advice. Kevin gained considerable experience with pharmaceutical companies including Boots Pharmaceutical Research and Upjohn Ltd, working on quality controls for the manufacture of analgesic products. Kevin was then the Chief Pharmacist with Weleda, a leading Global manufacturer of licensed natural medicines and cosmetics involved in formulation, manufacturing, process development, research, medical marketing and sales. He then launched Lotus Health Ltd -  natural medicine consulting firm specializing in research and development in the Nutraceutical sector. His mission with The Naked Pharmacy is to provide a global, science-based information, products and community hub to empower consumers with effective natural health-enhancing options. Kevin may be contacted on Tel: 0845 949 0144; info@thenakedpharmacy.com    www.thenakedpharmacy.com

Articles by Kevin Leivers

  1. Saffron - A Natural and Effective Treatment for Depression

    Listed in nutraceuticals

    New research in the field of food science (Nutriceutical), has potentially opened up a natural way to help us manage some of the most debilitating conditions of this century - anxi...

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