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Kathleen Ginn began her journey into health and well-being many years ago as she was continually plagued with poor health. She has studied and incorporated into her own life the effects of light and colour for over ten years and shares the benefits of light and colour by speaking and writing. She has presented on the benefits of light and colour together with Deliberate Creation in both Africa and England. She has appeared on radio in Africa and television in the UK and recently presented at LIGHT 2001 held at Cambridge University. She has been a regular invited speaker at the International Association of Colour's annual meeting and regularly contributes to Colourama. Kathleen has recently trained in a method for showing people how to learn easily and effortlessly through the use of sound, colour and movement. She is committed to lifelong learning, works with a life coach and is currently studying a doctorate in complementary health. Kathleen's dream is to share with people from around the world the benefits of sound, colour and movement for health and well-being. The most effective cornerstone is by demonstrating the effectiveness of how to learn with ease and elegance in order to keep up and deal with information overload being experienced in the twnty-first century. The method allows individuals to work and use their individual colour(s). From demonstrating the effectiveness of learning with sound, colour and movement, Kathleen will then be able to share and inform on the benefits of light and colour in other areas of life, thereby empowering others to lead more fulfilling lifestyles. She and a friend, Michael Reitz, will be going out and sharing the principles of Deliberate Creation, in order that people can fulfil their dreams while still fulfilling their responsibilities as a family and community member.

Articles by Kathleen Ginn

  1. Light and Colour for Optimum Health

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    Over the last ten years, following a history of poor health, Kathleen Ginn has studied light and colour and has reaped their benefits for health and well-being. She is a lecturer an...

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