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Kath Morrell, who lives and works in rural mid-Wales, comes from a background of teaching. She has been a reflexologist for eight years, originally training with the British Reflexology Association, and has since become an associate member of the Association of Reflexologists. Her practice is based in a struggling rural community serving the areas of Llanfyllin and Welshpool; about 15% of her work is home visits. She frequently attends specialist courses on reflexology and has trained to do VRT. She can be reached at Tel: 01938 500459; kathmorrell@yahoo.co.uk

Articles by Kath Morrell

  1. Case Study Issue 84: Reflexology for Aggravated Colitis

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    Reflexologist Kath Morrell describes the case of a patient who had severe backache and inflamed left buttock muscles, which had been going on for nine years. More recently, he suffe...

  2. Case Study Issue 69: Reflexology for ME/Chronic Fatigue

    Listed in case studies

    This article describes the successful treatment with reflexology of a seven-year-old boy suffering from ME/chronic fatigue/post-viral syndrome, a condition often difficult to treat ...

  3. Case Study Issue 102: The Tale of Two Left Feet

    Listed in case studies

    This case history features a husband and wife, both in their seventies, both amputees for different reasons, both successes for reflexology practised by the author. Eva, the wife, h...

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