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Karen Sivan was born and raised in London, then left home at 16 to wash pots in a hotel in Devon. Many jobs and locations later she settled in Brighton in 1989. A qualified Aromatherapist since 1993, her diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy was received from the Tisserand Institute in London. She moved to India in 1997 and considers it ‘home’. During her time at Bodhi Zendo, Karen compiled and edited a book of Zen Stories titled: The Tale of Self (173 Zen stories awaken through the 10 oxherding pictures) which was published by Vaigaria Books in 2008. Karen may be contacted via karen.sivan@gmail.com ; information about Kin-Hin Zen Centre can be found on www.kinhinzencentre.com

Articles by Karen Sivan

  1. Zen Meditation in Kerala - the Spiritual Quest with no Technique to Learn

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    This is how it is; this is what we have to learn! That there is no technique that will make life wonderful all the time but that there is an attitude we can adopt that accepts that ...

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