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June Sayer DHom (Med) MARH MRHom DNTh DIridol Homeopath Nutritionist Reiki Master/Teacher became fascinated by homeopathy after seeking treatment for her children and herself some 23 years ago; this dramatic change in their overall health led her to train as a homoeopathic practitioner. She qualified from the Hahnemann College in 1992 and has been in practice since that date. She is one of the founding directors of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and has a practice in Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex where she enjoys training individuals in the art and practice of homoeopathy. She may be contacted on Tel: 01621 730664;  june@betterhealthnow.co.uk  www.betterhealthnow.co.uk   www.homeopathinessex.co.uk   


Articles by June Sayer

  1. Homeopathic Matters: Treating Seasonal Allergies with the Aid of Homoeopathy

    Listed in homeopathy

    The author became fascinated by homeopathy more than twenty years ago when she saw the dramatic improvement in her health and that of her children that was the result of homeopathic...

  2. Homeopathic Matters: A Case of Gallstones

    Listed in homeopathy

    The author has been given permission to share the experience of a colleague whom she is treating for gallstones. Her patient had had two emergency hospital admissions because of sev...

  3. Homeopathy and Biochemic Tissue (Cell) Salts

    Listed in homeopathy

    The author explains the development of the use of Biochemic Tissue Salts through the work of Samuel Hahnemann, and later by Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler. She lists twelve such ...

  4. How Homeopathy can Help you Deal with Stress

    Listed in homeopathy

    The author explains about the types of stimuli which can generate the body stress responses, and the effects which these can have on the body. The secretion of hormones such as adr...

  5. Homeopathy and High Blood Pressure

    Listed in homeopathy

    Homeopathy can help with High Blood Pressure, also known as hypertension, is a concern to anyone in the field of medicine or complementary health, since it can be one of the risk fa...

  6. Homeopathy and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Listed in homeopathy

    Taking a detailed case history from a client usually uncovers stress factors the client is / has been subjected to, and IBS can be one of its manifestations.

  7. Insomnia and Sleep Disturbances: Homeopathic Approaches

    Listed in homeopathy

    At the end of a busy day we get ready for bed knowing that a good night's sleep will refresh us and that when we waken we will be bright and ready to face the day's activities. But ...

  8. Homeopathic Approaches to Infertility

    Listed in fertility

    Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive in a woman, or in the case of the man, the inability to induce conception.

  9. Winter Coughs and Influenza – a Homeopathic Approach

    Listed in homeopathy

    I trust that all of you reading this article will have enjoyed the Christmas and New Year festivities. However, I do know that at this time of year with the unpredictable changes th...

  10. Homeopathic Remedies to Alleviate the Pain of Migraine

    Listed in homeopathy

    Migraine is the most common form of a vascular headache where the pain is described as throbbing and made worse by moving the head. It is a complex condition that can affect up to 1...

  11. Homeopathic Remedies to Alleviate the Pain of Glue Ear

    Listed in homeopathy

    Ear problems are common in both children and adults and can be extremely distressing to the sufferer.

  12. Addictions and Homeopathy

    Listed in homeopathy

    The Little Oxford Dictionary defines the word addicted as being given over habitually to (drug etc), devoted to.

  13. Depression and Homeopathy

    Listed in homeopathy

    Depression is an extremely emotive word and one that can easily be misinterpreted for words that are synonymous with it such as sadness, gloominess, misery, hopelessness or despair....

  14. Homeopathy for Holidays

    Listed in homeopathy

    The holiday season brings a sense of anticipation, excitement and concern that accommodation arrangements will live up to their expectations, that the journey to and from the destin...

  15. How Homeopathy can help with Arthritis, Rheumatism and Fibromyalgia

    Listed in homeopathy

    So many times in conversation I have heard people complaining about how the damp or cold winter months can have an affect on their arthritic, rheumatic or muscular pains; it is quit...

  16. How Homeopathy can help to Promote Healing of Sports/Dance Injuries

    Listed in homeopathy

    One of my favourite hobbies is salsa dancing. My husband and I took up salsa dancing 7 years ago and it has changed the course of our life by introducing us to a great way of keep...

  17. How Homeopathy Can Help During Pregnancy

    Listed in homeopathy

    When you have been looking forward to having children and the tests confirm that you are pregnant you will find yourself delving into a wide range of books covering pregnancy in ord...

  18. How Children on the Autistic Spectrum are Helped with Homeopathy

    Listed in homeopathy

    Over 23 years ago when I first qualified as a homeopath I began writing small informative articles that were published in a newspaper known as The Commuter. One of the articles tha...

  19. Shedding Some Light on Morgellons Disease

    Listed in homeopathy

    At the beginning of January 2015 I was consulted by a mature extremely active lady asking me if I could help her with a skin condition. I asked her to describe her symptoms to whic...

  20. How a Homeopath Selects a Remedy

    Listed in homeopathy

    Turning the clock back 33 years ago and as a mother who was blessed with two young boys, the eldest aged 6 and the youngest just six months, I was at a point in my life, as any mot...

  21. Is it a Man’s World? Can Homeopathy help with Erectile Dysfunction?

    Listed in homeopathy

    Due to the anatomy of a woman’s body and the fact that throughout her life (barring any unforeseen or unusual circumstances) her female hormones will come into play as she passes th...

  22. How Homeopaths Select Cough Remedies

    Listed in homeopathy

    Over the years I have been practising I have dealt with a number of consultations and telephone calls from anxious parents who have asked ‘can you help with my child’s cough?’ Adul...

  23. Emotional Wellbeing

    Listed in homeopathy

    Last week I was invited to talk at our local Women’s Guild on the topics of both Homeopathy and Reiki. As is the normal practice at the beginning of their meetings general informati...

  24. Female Hormonal Imbalances

    Listed in homeopathy

    During this period of enforced lockdown due to Covid19, I have been reviewing my client files and noticing how many times feminine issues are part of the presenting complaint. I am ...

  25. Post Viral Syndrome / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Listed in homeopathy

    In my early twenties I suffered with a nasty virus that left me feeling so debilitated that I was unable to work for a while. I recall falling asleep during a conversation taking p...

  26. Homeopathy and Mental Health

    Listed in homeopathy

    It’s hard to believe that we have been in lockdown for over a year and during that time I have worked virtually with clients mainly via Zoom.  That way the person feels they are mor...

  27. Who Cares for the Carer?

    Listed in homeopathy

    In my last article I focused on homeopathy and mental health. I would like to further explore how homeopathy can help those people who are caring for others whether it be those with...

  28. Homeopathy – Celebrating the Life of Samuel Hahnemann

    Listed in homeopathy

    Homeopathy Awareness Week takes place in April each year. It is a time when homeopaths celebrate the birth of its founder Samuel Hahnemann as well as acknowledging the challenges he...

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