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Julia Fairfax and John Chate specialise in treating all forms of illness and dis-ease at their clinic in Suffolk – The Rainbow Room. Treatment protocols are determined through dowsing. Working alongside their guides and associate practitioners, they employ a wide range of treatment modalities including Crystalline Structure Therapy, DNA and Cellular Re-patterning, Geopathic Stress and Earth Acupuncture, The Melchizadek Method, Lightarian Reiki, Metatronic Healing & Craniosacral Therapy.

They have many years experience between them and have successfully treated many major illnesses and ailments. They also treat horses and dogs and have treated many high profile cases including top sports people, horses and businessmen. In addition they enable your property and workplace to be rebalanced, healed and happy! They are dedicated to ongoing learning and love what they do. Julia is a member of the Parliamentary Committee for Integrated Healthcare and is a tutor for the Institute of Natural Medicine. Julia and John also run workshops at the Phoenix Centre, Dunwich.

For more information please see www.homeofvibrationalmedicine.co.uk or contact them directly on Tel: 01728 688088; Mob: 07550 345685; or Mob: 07510 696109; julia@homeofvibrationalmedicine.co.uk

Articles by Julia Fairfax and John Chate

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    Listed in energy medicine

    There is a growing interest in vibrational medicine due to increasing awareness that pills and surgery do not necessarily provide all the solutions. As we perceive it, the body is ...

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