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Combining Vibrational Medicine Therapies

by Julia Fairfax and John Chate(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 200 - November 2012

There is a growing interest in vibrational medicine due to increasing awareness that pills and surgery do not necessarily provide all the solutions. As we perceive it, the body is simply a metaphor for our mental, emotional and physical well being. In our experience, most physiological medical issues begin from emotional and psychological traumatic experiences. Traumatic memories are stored in our emotional and mental bodies, filtering into our physical bodies, manifesting perhaps initially as feelings of unwellness, developing into life threatening illnesses if left unresolved. Much research has been done to prove the link between vibrational frequencies and health. In essence, the higher the frequency, the better the health. Our emotional wellbeing has a huge effect on our health: According to recent research, the frequency of love, which enables uncompromised health and well being, is 528 hz (research conducted by Love or Above ). On average, human beings currently operate at frequencies around 207hz.


Many factors contribute towards ill health in today’s world.

Our belief systems exert a huge influence on vitality and healing abilities. Our culture has cultivated a belief system that encourages us to believe in pills as painkillers and side effects as necessary evils. Often we are encouraged to ingest more pills in order to accommodate negative side effects. Such problems are often compounded by fear, when intuitive aversion to drugs is in conflict with medical advice and authority. The global psychiatric industry shows a current spend of $3 billion on medication that contains rather than cures. Harvard Medical School recently ran trials ( ) comparing the efficacy of statins with pomegranate juice as treatment for high cholesterol. Juice was assessed as more effective than statins. This finding is not widely publicized and prescriptions for pomegranate juice remain rare. Combined with poor diet, ingestion of drugs has a negative impact on the gut. Excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine and sugar are the cause of much disease in our culture, alongside increasing quantities of meat, much of which is injected with antibiotics and growth hormones.

Chemical additives are endemic. Every day house cleaning products, cosmetics, shampoos and deodorants and most food products contain additives that can have a detrimental impact on our wellbeing. Recently, neurologists in London discovered that the recent rapid increase in Alzheimer’s is linked to the development of a polymer skin layer in the cerebellum, due to the consumption of products with polymers which the body simply cannot digest. This layer then affects the blood brain barrier and results in disorders such as Alzheimer’s. The direct link between asthma and other breathing irregularities and the overuse of sprays and other household products containing chlorine and bleach is now widely documented and accepted.

Electromagnetic energy fields also threaten our energetic integrity & health. Such fields are generated by pylons and domestic electricity supplies. Microwave ovens, wifi and mobile phones are the worst culprits, as highlighted in a recent study at Harvard Medical School: A healthy young man was placed in a sterile environment, with no contact with either mobile phones or wifi. After 24 hours an MRI scan was taken. After this he made a three minute phone call on his mobile. He was then rescanned. (  The change in the blood chemistry of his brain was dramatic, equivalent to microwaving his brain. He then had a blue tooth device attached and made another three minute call. The results were even more dramatic. Despite advertising to the contrary, mobile phones and wifi may be seriously damaging our health. Russia has banned microwave ovens due to their negative impact on health, yet here in the UK they are still incredibly popular.

Despite the prevalence of negative internal and environmental factors, the human body is wonderfully adaptable and is always doing its best to remain healthy. It can manage a huge amount of toxins; in many cases the immune system develops increased effectiveness under stressful circumstances. Illness only occurs when the balance tips too far one way or another.


Vibrational medicine works simply on the basis of injecting high frequencies which the body picks up as a healing resource. According to one of the laws of quantum physics, when two vibrations are put together, one higher and one lower, the lower always rises to the higher. Vibrational medicine works from the premise of locating the roots of systemic imbalance, expressed as dis-ease. Once aware of the nature of the original trauma and the location of traumatic memory within the physiology, it can be accessed and removed by re-patterning your cellular memory and reconnecting you with your divine blueprint. Your body will then pick up this input and activate its self-healing capacities.

Following an initial treatment, clients often experience a sense of feeling lighter and enjoying a greater sense of peace and wellbeing: This is the initial healing stage of recovery. Identifying the elements of your being that are holding trauma enables reintegration, through visualization and release. By taking responsibility for your own healing process, wellness returns.

Combining one or more modalities of vibrational medicine can accelerate the healing process. In China, a woman who was open to healing in the moment recovered completely from advanced cancer of the bladder in three minutes, with the help of three vibrational practitioners. ( ) However in this country we are still limited in our ability to discuss alternative treatments due to the Cancer Act of 1939. As a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Integrated Healthcare, I am currently in discussions about this with the committee, as it is an aberration.

More than anything else, our cultural and personal belief systems have a huge influence on our health and vitality and on our ability to heal and recover. In many cases breakthrough is frustrated by belief systems that are just too deeply entrenched to facilitate healing: “Getting better takes a long time” or “Cancer is a killer” or “Once you have heart disease you cannot recover” are common examples of such counterproductive beliefs.

The body has the most incredible ability to heal itself, when given the opportunity to do so. Our beliefs are the key to creating such opportunity. Much of our work is focussed on enabling you to look at and dismantle any limiting beliefs you might be holding on any level that may be preventing you from healing.

Case Study 1

Mrs X is a well-to-do lady in her early 70s. We were initially contacted by her husband who had been impressed with the results my treatments had with his elderly sister. Mrs X had suffered from chronic depression for fifty years. This had been diagnosed when her younger son was approximately two years old. She had been under the treatment of a top Harley Street psychiatrist ever since. She was put on a heavy combination dose of Lithium and other mood altering drugs. During the course of the next fifty years the doses were steadily increased with no improvement in her condition. In fact, she had become steadily worse, spending much of the year privately contemplating suicide and suffering regularly from long bouts of deep depression where she would cease to be able to function and suffer from severe anxiety, especially performance-related anxiety. She had reached a point where she could no longer speak to anyone except her husband and was unable to do anything without weeping prolifically. The only further treatment she had been offered from Harley Street was electric shock treatment.

We met her at her house as she was unable to travel. She could not look at us nor could she speak for herself. She was in a state of high anxiety, unable to sit for longer than thirty seconds and was constantly walking around the table trembling with anxiety. After about ten minutes she was able to begin to speak for herself and agreed to have a treatment, so long as her husband was present.

Her energy body as well as her physiology was completely scrambled, understandably. There were a number of large tears in her energetic system and she was utterly depleted. The initial treatment process involved her locating the roots of her lack of self esteem and chronic anxiety and enabling her to begin to let go of the past. We asked her to close her eyes, relax her breathing and to access key core issues as a series of movie clips of the past. The first involved her father, a desperate bully who took great pleasure in putting his daughter down, the root of her low self esteem. Her little brother was a very sickly child; they lived in a remote part of Uganda where life was extremely arduous and children were regarded as a necessary evil. She spent her entire childhood looking after her mother who was locked into a deep victim pattern, with the father playing the part of bully/perpetrator. When she wasn’t looking after her family she had to creep around and was constantly told to make no noise.

The only time she was free was when she was allowed time to ride her pony through the bush. This was the one happy time in her childhood. Her husband was slightly critical and demanding, and elements of the root issue were still being played out through their relationship: The damage she had suffered as a child had set up deeply rooted destructive emotional and behavioural patterns. The next process involved replaying scenes from her past where she had felt disempowered and subject to the black cloud of depression. She was asked to confront her father in this altered state of consciousness and to see their relationship as she wished it had been.

She was then given a series of exercises, initially focussing on her breathing, as she spent much of her time hyperventilating. Once her breath was calmed she immediately felt her physical body begin to relax for the first time in many months. She was then reconnected with her happy childhood memories with her pony and supported in reconnecting with her inner child from a place of joy and happiness rather than fear and inferiority.

I then began the process of repairing her energetic systems. Treatments were once a week for a month and then fortnightly for the next two months. During this time, Mrs X was given techniques and exercises to do daily, consisting of breathing techniques, visualizations and positive affirmations. Initially she found all of this hard to do, but within six weeks she enjoyed dramatic improvements. She went back to her specialist and asked to be put on a drug reduction programme with a view to coming off all medication. He agreed to this and within nine months she was off all medication and enjoying a better quality of life than ever before. This was three years ago and she continues to enjoy glowing health. Occasionally she experiences a dip and when she does is able to heal herself using the techniques she had learned during the treatment process. For over two years now she has not needed further treatment.

Case Study 2

A 32 year old man fell and sustained a compound fracture of his left ankle. He was in acute pain, his ankle and leg up to the knee was seriously swollen and the bones almost protruding through his skin. There was considerable discolouration and heavy bruising. He was aware of the power of crystals and was slightly open but still very sceptical.

Within twenty minutes of beginning the treatment we watched his bones reconnect and his musculature returning them back into alignment, much to our amazement. Within an hour most of the bruising had disappeared and he was able to bear weight on the leg.

Within three days he was completely recovered; it is now five years later and he has not had a problem with his leg since then.

Case Study 3

A 20 year old young woman who had already had an ingrowing fistula at the base of her spine cut out by a specialist, had been told it would never return. Within a year not only had it come back but was also much worse. She was on heavy doses of both antibiotics and painkillers and was due to have further surgery within the next fortnight. She was terrified of the process and the healing took the best part of six months, if not longer. She was totally sceptical about natural medicine and only came for treatment because of her mother’s insistence and sheer desperation. Throughout the treatment she was rigid with negativity and her first comment when she walked in was “I don’t believe in any of this rubbish, the only reason I am here is because of my mother”.

Her mindset was dead against the whole process. She’d had a serious skiing accident several years earlier: She had skied into a wall at high speed. This had left a large tear in her energy field and trauma in her physical body. Her energy field was repaired using female and male quartz and the trauma held in her anatomy was removed. Fundamentally she was in very good shape, but there was toxic overload in her blood from the medication she was taking. She was unable to relax at all through the treatment and her mind remained closed throughout. At the end of the treatment there was no discernable change in any element of her state of being.

She then demanded to know what to do next. I asked her to wait 24 hours and then to contact me with a progress report. She rang me at midday the following day in a state of disbelief. She had woken early to discover she was stuck slightly to the bed. The fistula had surfaced and drained through the night and there was no sign of a hole or any damage in her skin. She was astonished. All the pain and swelling had gone and she was back to normal self. This was nine years ago and the fistula has never come back. She is now a firm believer in natural medicine.

Case Study 4

A concerned father asked me to treat his two sons. One of his sons (aged 12) was unable to walk, reduced to moving about on his knees, confined mainly to his home and suffering from a serious weight problem. I identified his problem as rooted in an emotional issue involving his father and their house. They lived in South Africa, near Durban. His father was a police officer and the area had suffered much hardship and unrest. After clearing the house I treated the father and then the son, resolving the issues that had created the dynamic between them. I was overjoyed to watch the son walk up the steep drive and down the road. They’ve never looked back and the son has been fully mobile ever since.  


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About Julia Fairfax and John Chate

Julia Fairfax and John Chate specialise in treating all forms of illness and dis-ease at their clinic in Suffolk – The Rainbow Room. Treatment protocols are determined through dowsing. Working alongside their guides and associate practitioners, they employ a wide range of treatment modalities including Crystalline Structure Therapy, DNA and Cellular Re-patterning, Geopathic Stress and Earth Acupuncture, The Melchizadek Method, Lightarian Reiki, Metatronic Healing & Craniosacral Therapy.

They have many years experience between them and have successfully treated many major illnesses and ailments. They also treat horses and dogs and have treated many high profile cases including top sports people, horses and businessmen. In addition they enable your property and workplace to be rebalanced, healed and happy! They are dedicated to ongoing learning and love what they do. Julia is a member of the Parliamentary Committee for Integrated Healthcare and is a tutor for the Institute of Natural Medicine. Julia and John also run workshops at the Phoenix Centre, Dunwich.

For more information please see or contact them directly on Tel: 01728 688088; Mob: 07550 345685; or Mob: 07510 696109;


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