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Joseph O’Sullivan is a freelance journalist and writer. He wrote a 1000-word essay piece for 'Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day which is was on 30th May this year. The article is to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis, a condition which his younger brother suffers from. It also questions whether or not it is okay to ask about disability. He has made the article slightly biographical using his brother as the subject of the piece. It is a particular story which Joe feel really engages the human element and educates about the condition. He has made it light and funny to reiterate the point that it is okay to asks questions, but most importantly it is a piece to raise awareness of the disease. Joseph may be contacted via joe.os.jos@gmail.com

Articles by Joseph O’Sullivan

  1. MS Awareness – It’s Okay to Ask About Disability

    Listed in medical conditions

    Liam stumbled into the toilets of a Richmond pub, using the walls, bannisters and every other protruding object along the way to support himself on the short journey. Once inside th...

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