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Jon Shore is the Director of Light Unlimited Publishing in Colorado USA and is something of a renaissance man. He has served in diverse rolls:  CEO of a corporation, a technology innovator, entrepreneur and inventor, psychotherapist, counsellor, author and lecturer.

Jon makes his home in Riga, Latvia and can be reached through  his websites  www.jonshore.net  www.corporateconsulting.net   http://1ness4u.wordpress.com/  Many more of Jon's guided meditations and his writings can be downloaded at www.jonshore.net.  Jon is also available for private counselling sessions, seminars and workshops and may be contacted via info@jonshore.net.

Articles by Jon Shore

  1. Meditation for Personal Transformation

    Listed in meditation

    This article is not written to your intellect. It is addressed to someone deeper within you. Read slowly. Do your best to just read it without judgment, and soon you will begin to f...

Book reviews by Jon Shore

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