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John Hendry - Actor, writer, broadcaster - now in his third age just writer -  has a degree in Philosophy and English with experience as a Samaritan, a counsellor with MIND, and a spiritual healer. He is the author of Life and Soul, available in paperback and kindle from Authors Online and Amazon.



These days he lives with his art psychotherapist wife, Anthea, as a vegetarian peasant with an allotment in the Yorkshire Dales from where he sends free monthly m-b-s Newsletters to readers worldwide. John may be contacted on Tel: 01943 465963; johnhendryalas@aol.com      www.johnhendry-online.co.uk

Articles by John Hendry

  1. How to Slow Time Down

    Listed in meditation

    As I write, in September, a brochure has just arrived in the post emblazoned Christmas Gifts. OK, some of it’s proper forward planning, but we do seem to need something to look forw...

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