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John Bertie is qualified in both conventional and complementary health and fitness, and is a Trager® tutor and QiGong instructor. He specializes in neuromuscular re-development, back problems and stress. He is a director of J & B Options Ltd (Options Lifestyle) and was instrumental in developing The Flexx® approach, a combination of conventional and complementary techniques and principles covering all aspects of life. The principal aim of the Flexx® approach is to give people tools and techniques to enable them to take responsibility for and to improve their own lifestyles. He can be contacted on tel: 07000 735324 or e-mail: jbopts@aol.com

Articles by John Bertie

  1. Trager Body Re-education

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    The Trager approach was developed by Milton Trager and is an innovative method of movement re-education. It aims to re-educate the body and mind to be more aware their needs and is ...

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