About John Benest

John Benest is a practitioner of Mind-Body Therapies who uses a combination of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, N.L.P. and Healing with a special interest in the interaction between a person’s emotions and their immune system. He is an associate of the Wessex Cancer Help Centre and Chairman of the Havant N.F.S.H. Centre. John runs a private practice in Waterlooville, Hampshire and can be contacted on 01705 253921.

Articles by John Benest

  1. Hypnosis, Healing and Intuition

    Listed in hypnosis

    Your mind can help you recover from illness and bring about a state of wellbeing. Clinical Hypnosis will enable you to get in touch with the resources within the deeper part of your...

  2. Flaming Cancers

    Listed in cancer

    Therapist, John Benest, reviews a case history from one of his patients, a 70 year woman who underwent radiotherapy treated for cervical cancer.

Book reviews by John Benest

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