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Joanne Baker, B Ed, MRQA, Diploma LSCMA, Cert SSH (Part 1), is a highly experienced practitioner of aromatherapy, Chinese massage and acupressure at the Natural Health Clinic in Bristol, Tel: 0117 974 1199.

Articles by Joanne Baker

  1. Our Toxic Environment and How We Can Protect Ourselves

    Listed in environmental

    Joanne Baker writes first about the balance between man and the natural world - how ancient medicine and even western practice until the Industrial Revolution equated our health wit...

  2. Aromatherapy, Massage and Chinese Medicine

    Listed in aromatherapy

    Chinese massage is designed not only to relax the person and release muscular tension but also to treat illnesses. In this article the author describes how she uses a combination of...

Book reviews by Joanne Baker

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