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Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones MA Advanced Pilates and Hatha Yoga Instructor RYT500, based in Andover, New Jersey, is a former Professor of Kinesiology, Exercise Science and Dance at County College of Morris in Randolph, New Jersey, and the author of The Anatomy of Exercise & Movement and The Vital Psoas Muscle through Lotus Publishing and North Atlantic Books. Her new book, The Concise Book of Yoga Antomy, has just been released.  You can view workshops and contact her at www.move-live.com.

Articles by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones

  1. Being Truly Alive - Movement, Exercise and Fitness aren't just for Losing Weight…

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    Have you ever noticed when you exercise that you yawn? Yawning is an indicator of relieving stress, one of the main benefits of ‘working out’. It does not mean you are tired or bor...

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