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Jessica Auton is Co-founder of Aseptika Limited (Activ8rlives). Activ8rlives was invented by husband and wife, Kevin and Jessica Auton, who realised the value group support could bring to sustained behaviour change towards greater health and wellbeing after their own family decided to work together to lose weight and improve their general fitness. While there was a great deal of information available, there were few real tools that could be used by a family to support this process of change. From small beginnings Activ8rlives has now grown into an integrated suite of products, which can be used to empower anyone to become more active, maintain a healthy weight, manage long-term conditions, such as respiratory, cardiovascular, diabetes or cancer and to stay well. Jessica may be contacted on Tel: 01480 352821;   jessica.auton@aseptika.com   www.activ8rlives.com

Articles by Jessica Auton

  1. Activity to Reduce the Risk of Cancer

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    One in three of us in the UK will develop cancer at some point in our lives.[1] Although it is predominantly a disease we associate with later life, cancer can strike at any age. As...

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