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Janet Thomson is a UK’s leading expert in Mind-Body Health & Fitness, combining academic knowledge (MSc. Nutrition and Exercise Science), certifications in psychological therapies with extensive experience in the field of personal development and change over 30 years. She is trained in a range of psychological therapies including Clinical Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Havening, CBT and Life Coaching, and combines elements of these techniques with her nutrition background to bring about rapid and permanent physical and emotional change. Janet is a best-selling author with the Fat To Flat fitness programme; her book Tapping For Life (Hay House 2010) teaches readers how to use Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and other techniques to eliminate a range of negative fears and emotions including stress, anxiety and phobias. Think More East Less (Hayhouse 2012) includes practical exercises to change how you think and feel about food. Jane is the creator of The Placebo Diet, a life-changing new weight-loss program launched in January 2016 fusing a programme of focused mind exercises with simple-to-follow colour code nutrition plan. The Placebo Diet (Hayhouse) is published 2016. Jane runs certified training courses for exercise professionals and therapists, as well as workshops for the general public. Her Power To Change private coaching & training practice has offices in the Midlands and London. She is also a former college lecturer and Head of Training for a national slimming brand, from which she went on to open and run her own chain of health clubs in the Midlands. Janet may be contacted via janet@powertochange.me.uk   www.theplacebodiet.co.uk   www.powertochange.me.uk/

Articles by Janet Thomson

  1. Optimum Exercise and Fitness Regimes to Enhance Weight Loss

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    The old adage of calories in versus calories out although true in principle, has been refined somewhat in recent years. It’s true of course that your energy intake (EI) in relation ...

  2. Transform your Life - Weight Loss via Mind/Body, Nutrition and Fitness

    Listed in weight loss

    For our ancestors the need to lose weight was not an issue; for them the main challenge was getting more fats, carbs and even sugar into their diet.

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