About James M Suttie, Ph.D. and Stephen Harris, Ph.D.

Dr Suttie began research on deer farming at Glensaugh and the Rowett Research Institute in 1976, and completed a PhD in deer growth in 1981. He came to Invermay to work with Ken Drew and Peter Fennessy as a post doctoral fellow on antler physiology and joined the staff of Invermay in 1984. His work in New Zealand has mainly been on antler growth, velvet antler as a product and deer growth physiology. From 1992 he led the Growth and Antler Group at AgResearch, Invermay. During his time at Invermay he travelled extensively in pursuit of deer and antlers in Europe, America and lately China and Korea. In July of last year (1999) he took up a new position within AgResearch as Science Leader of the newly formed Food Science Platform. He now leads a group of approximately 64 scientists and technicians, for whom the primary focus is the support of health through food. Dr Stephen Haines has a BSc in Chemistry and a PhD from the Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. He completed his Post Doctorate studies in Baltimore and joined the staff at Invermay in 1985, where he has been a key member of the Velvet Antler Research Team since 1989. He recently assumed leadership of the team. His research interests are in the chemistry of bioactivew substances.

Articles by James M Suttie, Ph.D. and Stephen Harris, Ph.D.

  1. Clinical Properties of Deer Velvet

    Listed in nutraceuticals

    Deer velvet has been known to be beneficial for health for more than 2000 years. Silk scrolls found in a Chinese tomb in 168BC clearly documented deer velvet as a part of the Chines...

Book reviews by James M Suttie, Ph.D. and Stephen Harris, Ph.D.

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