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James Earls MSc is a writer, lecturer and bodyworker specializing in Functional Movement and Structural Integration. He is the director of Born to Move, an education platform teaching real-life anatomy for movement and manual therapists, and he is a popular presenter at conferences and workshops around the world. Earls is the coauthor, with Thomas Myers, of Fascial Release for Structural Balance. He also writes regularly for professional magazines and journals, and has collaborated with many authors in the production of their titles. James can be contacted via info@borntomove.com and  Born to Move

Articles by James Earls

  1. The Functional Anatomy of Walking

    Listed in anatomy and physiology

    The body in a flowing gait is like a well-honed orchestra, each section communicates with the other, rising and falling in harmony with ease and grace, a pleasure to the senses. Ho...

  2. Spring Walker - Excerpt from Born to Walk

    Listed in anatomy and physiology

    The effectiveness of our bipedal gait has been honed and matured by evolution over the last 4 million years. Walking on two legs was something of a compromise of mobility over stabi...

Book reviews by James Earls

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