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Irene Phillips BSc (Ost) DO is a registered Osteopath who has been trained in classical and Cranial Osteopathy and has a strong interest in treating sports people, scoliosis patients and chronic spinal problems. She was the first Osteopath in the world to use the powered spinal mobilizing tool since 1997. She also has a psychology, counselling, marketing and training background. For further information about this treatment, please contact Irene Phillips at The Back Care Clinic, 2 Station Approach, Worcester Park, Surrey KT4 7NB. She can be contacted on Tel: 0208-335 3787; backcareclinic@yahoo.com    www.backcare.org which also has a link to Damien Mean's site Scoliosis Cures and Pain Relief on Face book.

Articles by Irene Phillips

  1. Power Assisted Micro-Manipulation

    Listed in back pain

    Power Assisted Micro-Manipulation by Irene Phillips the first osteopath to be using Power-Assisted Micro-Manipulation. The treatment is carried out working on all levels of the spin...

  2. Treatment of Back Pain using Theraflex

    Listed in back pain

    The author was the first Osteopath in the world to use a powered Vertebral Mobiliser, back in 1997. The Theraflex is a very advanced form of this technology. It consists of a compu...

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