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Helke Ferrie was born in Germany to Nazi resistance fighters and spent much of her childhood in India where, 42 years ago, she met her husband, a Canadian doctor. Having raised a family of 3 biological and 12 adopted children, they now live in Ontario with 2 dogs and 7 cats. She holds a Master's degree from the University of Toronto in physical anthropology. She lives in Alton, Ontario and runs Kos Publishing Inc., which is dedicated to the politics of medicine. Helke writes monthly articles on the politics of health and has published several books. She may be contacted via helkeferrie@gmail.com    www.kospublishing.com

Articles by Helke Ferrie

  1. The Damaging Effects Of Electropollution

    Listed in environmental

    The author opines that “the detrimental health effects of cell phones, WiFi, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and the microwave-based technology we use daily makes worrying about our ...

  2. Toxic Psychiatry: Psychiatric Drugs Linked to Chronic Disease and Medical Malpractice

    Listed in nutraceuticals

    About 20% of the North American population is now on psychiatric drugs for either depression, ADHD, anxiety, schizophrenia, phobias, impulse-control disorder, or bi-polar disorder.<...

  3. Medical Fraud Exposed

    Listed in nutraceuticals

    When the roof and the foundations of a house begin to collapse, the demolition guys get called in. Likewise, as the foundations of conventional medicine begin to collapse, the medi...

  4. Poison Pills

    Listed in nutraceuticals

    We live in a perpetual healthcare hurricane, a marketing storm whipped up continuously with tidings of pharmacological breakthroughs and admonitions to submit to preventive screenin...

Book reviews by Helke Ferrie

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