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Graeme Munro-Hall BDS FIAOMT (Fellow of International academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology for work on IV-C and Glutathione) Chief Dental Officer for World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry (NGO working with UNEP on Minamata Convention to ban mercury). He is a retired general dental practitioner and co-author with wife of Toxic Dentistry Exposed on the perils of modern dentistry. Spends time writing and exhorting to who will listen about bringing common sense back into dentistry and to repair the present disconnection between dentistry and medicine. Graeme may be contacted via gmh@steeps.net

Articles by Graeme Munro-Hall

  1. Dental Infections: Why You Should Be Concerned

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    The object of this article is not to alarm people but supply up to date relevant information about dental infections and their possible consequences so that informed decisions conce...

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