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G Ravishankar was associated with a company manufacturing herbal medicines for 11 years, where he gained experience on the invaluable contents of herbal medicines. He and his family members use herbal medicines in their day-to-day life with positive response. Ravishankar may be contacted via Mob: 0091 22 93242 99938; iyer_ravishankar@rediffmail.com

Articles by G Ravishankar

  1. Walking - The Good Way

    Listed in bodywork

    Psychologists claimed that communication among human beings is 7% verbal, 30% toe and 55% body language. Whether these figures are correct or not, it is plain that we speak with our...

  2. Tulsi - Incomparable Queen Of Herbs

    Listed in herbal medicine

    The author discusses the benefits of Tulsi (basil leaves) which he says is a safe and sure cure for all our diseases. The leaves have properties similar to the currently available a...

  3. Is Sleep a Dormant State of Mind?

    Listed in sleep and insomnia

    This article looks in-depth at sleep and how important it is. The author tells us that it is one of life essentials and that a good night sleep leaves us feeling refreshed, invigora...

  4. Healing with the Wonderful Herb Pepper - A Plant with Immense Medicinal Value

    Listed in herbal medicine

    This article focuses on the beneficial effects, medicinal value and advantages of the cayenne pepper, from ancient times to recent clinical studies. Consumption of black pepper not ...

  5. Ginger - The Most Valuable Herb

    Listed in herbal medicine

    Allopathic medical practitioners prescribe medicines for one disease, but it leads to another disease by way of side effects. The drugs contains different kinds of chemical compone...

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