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Emma Bardwell DipNT  mBANT  rCNHC is a Nutritionist, Certified Coach, Public Speaker and Health Writer with almost two decades of professional experience. With a specific focus on female health and wellbeing, intuitive eating and smart lifestyle approaches, Emma combine my nutrition knowledge with a passion for writing and raising reader awareness on issues that affect women the world over.
She has published original content on a diverse range of topics relating to nutrition, women’s health and wellbeing. In addition to her website, She is a regular contributor for SheerLuxe.com, recently spoke at Accenture and appeared as a guest on Madeleine Shaw’s podcast. With a focus on changing mindsets through education, Emma set up an evidence-based practice that focuses on bespoke health, wellbeing and lifestyle strategies. Emma counsels clients on nutrition and making sustainable lifestyle choices that work for them, using a blended approach of science, practical approaches and confidence building.
She is interested in expanding her professional network, as well as public speaking opportunities, especially on women’s health and wellbeing issues and may be contacted via
hello@emmabardwell.com    https://www.emmabardwell.com

Articles by Emma Bardwell

  1. Spotlight on Vitamin C and its Role in Perimenopause

    Listed in women's health

    Perimenopause - the transition into menopause - often brings a raft of physiological changes, from the poster symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats, through to lesser-known ...

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